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At OMRON Healthcare, we promise to minimize the impact of your health conditions and enable you to live a more fulfilling and active life with the products we offer.


Committed to helping people live a freer and more fulfilling life with zero compromise, OMRON Healthcare is a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy.

OMRON Healthcare is the Global No.1 brand in digital blood pressure monitors with over 200 million BPM’s sold worldwide. In Europe, Middle East and Africa it is the leading BPM brand.(1)

Overall OMRON is the brand that is most used in clinical trials.(2) Simply because OMRON products are renowned for their quality and reliability.

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To help realize healthy and comfortable lives for people around the world.

How do we bring this to life? We want to create an environment where we minimize the current medical impact that certain conditions have on people’s daily lives and create more room for quality of life. Each of our actions and products pursues this mission and is a step towards improving people’s lives around the world


Zero compromise on healthier lives.

Our vision tells us to do everything we can to minimize the effects of a patient’s healthcare condition. To enable them to get more out of their lives because they aren’t controlled by their condition. With the help of the products and innovations OMRON Healthcare provides we want them to have to make less compromises in what they want to achieve in life. We have captured the essence of our vision in our ‘promise’. This promise brings our vision into concrete action. It clearly states our commitment to our people and the world: “We strive to minimize the impact that health conditions have on our lives. Constantly striving for a better quality of life without compromises. Always going for zero.


At OMRON Healthcare, we promise to minimize the impact of your health conditions and enable you to live a more fulfilling and active life with the products we offer.

We will continue to develop and help you live forward with zero compromise towards a freer and more rewarding life.


At OMRON Healthcare we believe that everyone, regardless of health, can live a more fulfilling life. It is therefore our promise to minimize the impact of health conditions and enable people to live a better, longer and more active life with the products we offer and continue to develop. Empowering people to do more with their lives in a safe way.

That’s why we create solutions to prevent, manage and alleviate medical conditions. We offer a wide range of products, but we concentrate our investment and expansion in three core product lines:

• Cardiovascular: Blood pressure monitors
• Respiratory: Nebulizers
• Pain Management: Neurostimulators


OMRON Healthcare Group is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. OMRON Healthcare Europe B.V. is the healthcare division for Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa and provides service to customers in more than 74 countries.

Head Office Hoofddorp: The Netherlands (since 1998)
President and CEO: Mr. André van Gils
Production Sites: Matsusaka Mie, Japan; Dalian, China; Binh Duong, Vietnam
R&D Sites: Kyoto, Japan; Dalian, China
National Sales Companies: Germany, United Kingdom, France
Local Sales Offices: Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Poland, Spain, Italy
Distribution: Europe, Russia, Middle East & Africa


A long and impressive History

OMRON was founded in Japan in 1933 by Kazuma Tateisi as an electric manufacturing company.  Since the beginning OMRON has presented itself as an innovative industry leader in automation, sensing and control technology. Since then, many everyday products and services were invented and introduced to society. Did you know OMRON developed the world’s first automated traffic signal? Or the world’s first unmanned train station? And OMRON was the first with face recognition technology for mobile phones!


OMRON’s primary business is the manufacturing and sales of automation components, equipment and systems, but it is generally known by the public for medical devices. Innovation is in the company DNA. Recent recognition was the election in the Top 100 Global innovative companies worldwide (2013, 2016).

We have four focus domains to anticipate emerging needs of society.

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