Finance and Operations at OMRON

Our Finance professionals support the business by conducting compliance activities, like audits, reporting functions, like accounting and P&L management, and planning activities like forecasting and budgeting.  Functions you can find in our Dutch office are Head of Finance, Business Controller and Financial Analyst.

In Supply Chain Management we are responsible for the flow of products from Asia, where our production plants are, to the EMEA region where our goods are sold. We synchronize supply with demand, measure performance, leverage logistics and make sure we give our customers great service.
Functions you can find in our Dutch office are Supply & Demand Planner, Transport & Warehouse Officer and Customer Service Representative.

As IT Department we not only care for maintaining the security of our network and solving internal customers’ IT-based issues. We also make sure our colleagues work with the best hardware and business support tools. Functions you can find in our Dutch office are Head of ICT and ICT Support Engineer.

Katya Zybina, Continuous Improvement Manager

“At OMRON my main responsibility is to look into all kinds of possible process improvements, mainly related to supply chain management (forecasting & planning) and see how we can increase efficiency in our day to day activities. An OMRON employee is someone that has the right skills, enthusiasm and is always open for new challenges. Within OMRON there is a good balance between work and private life, after working hard and delivering good results we all celebrate the successes together. What  I appreciate about OMRON is it’s multicultural character and the possibility to work for a company that contributes to a better quality of life and health improvement. Moreover, there are always enough challenges.”


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