In Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Technical Customer Service department we take pride in ensuring the specified quality of our products through the organization of qualitative and quantitative control and compliance to applicable legislation. To ensure the quality we have an effective quality management system. And our medical products must be in conformity with the European Medical Device Directive. Our team is also responsible for ensuring a timely complaint procedure and great technical service to our customers.

Functions you can find in our Dutch office are Project Manager, QA/RA Engineer, Compliance Manager and Product Registration Officer.

Hans Donders, QA/RA/TCS Director

“At OMRON my job is to make sure that OMRON Healthcare Europe-Group has processes, products and services which are in compliance with all the applicable rules and regulations in our territory. With my team we make sure that OMRON has a high quality of product, safety and customer satisfaction throughout all processes of the company. An OMRON employee is quality & compliance driven and consumer oriented with a strong make it happen drive who enjoys to engage with multinational teams. A culture in which each individual counts disregarding background, level or position in which people enjoy to challenge themselves and each other to bring performances and results to the next level together as a team. OMRON is a company that cares for people, people within and outside the company. OMRON makes an impact in the world, in peoples quality of life’s by means of listening to their and social needs and create the innovations that our society needs.”


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