Our high standard recruitment process

We believe that a thorough recruitment process is crucial to ensure that we hire the right person for the job. We set high standards doing so. Not just because we’re committed to attracting the best candidate for OMRON. Passionate, talented people who share our values and principles. But also, that each and every candidate has a recruitment experience that is a reflection of our company.


  1. Application
  2. Screening
  3. Interview
  4. Selection
  5. References
  6. Offer
Please keep in mind that a recruitment process might vary depending on the type of job you are applying for.
Thank you for your interest in OMRON. Please be aware that at OMRON we will not charge any money, or the execution of any other conveyance, for potential candidates to participle in any of our recruitment process or to apply to any position. No OMRON employee, agent or representatives may request you to do so. In case you have been requested to send payment, or to execute any other conveyance, for this purpose please refrain from doing so and report this immediately to us at careers@eu.omron.com.


Every application is acknowledged immediately by an automatic e-mail response. When you apply, always include an English resume and a short motivation.


Our vacancies do not have a specific application deadline as we screen and evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis. If the vacancy is online, you can still apply. Applications are screened by the talent acquisition department and assessed based on the position requirements and your submitted profile. In addition, you may be contacted to answer further specific questions or have a prescreen conversation by telephone. If your application is selected, you will be invited for a first interview.
If your application is not selected, you will receive an email notification within 5 working days after applying.


Your first interview will be with the hiring manager. He or she will discuss your background and relevant experience. We will also assess your fit with the culture and we would like to hear about your motivations and career goals. We are also happy to share information with you about the team and OMRON. This interview can be conducted via video conference or on-site.

If we think you could fit within OMRON and you are suitable for the job, we would love to proceed further with you.

Before your second interview we will ask you to complete an occupational personality questionnaire that reviews your behavior and preferred working styles. Of course, we will share the result with you and you will receive feedback at the second interview.

For specialist, sales and management roles, you will also be asked to prepare a business case or other relevant assignment. A week later, at your third interview you can present your assignment before the hiring committee followed by a Q and A.

And of course, should there be a need to meet up one more time to further clarify and address any questions you might have left, we will do so. We want you to be absolute certain that OMRON is the right place for you to grow and develop.


After your final interview, there is a short internal debrief meeting held between all interviewers and the recruiter. This is to ensure all opinions are heard before making the important final decision. The hiring manager will make the final hiring decision. The decision is then shared with you as soon as possible.


We will obtain references from two of your former employers, either before we offer you a contract of employment, or after we have verbally offered you the role. This last step of the process will always take place in agreement with you.


If you are selected for the position, the HR department will contact you to verbally discuss the terms of your job offer and a potential start date. After this verbal discussion, you will then receive written documentation that includes your complete job offer details and instructions to confirm your acceptance.

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