"We are proud of our Values and Principles"

Your Career at OMRON

Innovation, challenge and respect: we are proud of our Values and Principles

Our values and principles define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, partners, suppliers and consumers. They are present in our people in the decisions and actions they take every day.
As we recruit new talent, we use them as a guide to discover if you have the OMRON-DNA.

Innovation Driven by Social Needs:
Be a pioneer in creating inspired solutions for the future.

  • Look at society from a future-oriented perspective.
  • Always think and act in pursuit of the true issue.
  • Never be satisfied; never settle for the status quo.
  • Always remember that the customer is our focus.
  • Make it a habit to ask “why?” and “for what reason?”
  • Try new things and new ways that have never been tried before.

Challenging Ourselves: Pursue new challenges with passion and courage.

  • Use the 70:30 theory*; try, fix, and perfect.
  • Enjoy challenges.
  • Use failure as fuel for success.
  • Declare and pursue higher goals.
  • Have an unshakeable faith in yourself; have the strength of conviction.
  • Don’t wait to be told; take the initiative and take action.

*The 70:30 Theory: An idea with a 70% chance of success is worth trying. But, have preparations in place for the 30% chance of failure.

Respect for All: Act with integrity and encourage everyone’s potential.

  • We exercise responsibility and good sense in obeying the law and the rules of society.
  • We act in a highly ethical manner.
  • Don’t give up before trying; believe that you can succeed.
  • We act with integrity at all times, no matter what the business environment.
  • Believe in the capabilities of your team members; support each other and work for growth.
  • Accept those who have different views & values; use these differences to create new value.

Is this also your way of doing business? You might feel at home with us! Come and join OMRON. 

Do you like our Working culture as much as we do?

Our corporate culture and our principles and values is what unites us and it provides a clear framework and guidance.

At OMRON we celebrate our successes and look forward to new opportunities. Teamwork is key to meeting challenges and having fun at the same time.

The pace is fast but the people are friendly and collaborative. Every team member is encouraged to act as an entrepreneur. To treat the business as it was your own. Feel free to contribute new ideas and to discover alternative solutions.

Teamwork and entrepreneurship are just 2 of our core competencies.

Learn more about our core competencies

We are happy to invest in your on-boarding!

All our new colleagues are taken through an extensive On-boarding program. We find it important that you feel at home and that know your way around the company.  

Right at the start you will participate in a Central Introduction Day and a Product & Technology training. In addition, your manager will make a tailor-made introduction program for you to meet the most relevant colleagues for your role. And HR will guide you through the OMRON way by means of online learning activities and one-on one instructions.  

Have more questions? Feel free to ask! We are most happy to help you further succeed in your new role. 

Learn more about our recruitment process

Take control: you are in charge of your personal development!

We know that to keep growing our business, it is essential to provide an empowering environment that enables you to grow both personally and professionally. So, regardless of where in your career you are when you join us, we have development opportunities for you. Goals are clear, challenging and designed to unlock the highest potential in you. We encourage you to constantly develop yourself by either taking on more responsibility in your present role or by pursuing new opportunities within the organization. 

We reward your commitment and high performance. Every year we nominate talented colleagues, from all areas of the business, for our talent pool. Additional training, mentoring and guidance is offered by the management and HR. 

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